Women’s auto shop

It’s about creating an empowering and educational space where you can admit that you don’t know how to check your oil and nobody’s gonna judge you. It’s about learning where your air filter is, and how to check it, and how to change it. It’s about learning how to talk to a mechanic so you don’t get taken advantage of. Also, it’s just cool to know what’s going on under the hood of your ride
— Rosie, student of "Underhood Basics"

Low-key shop talk in a non-judgmental, female-centric environment: what could be better?!? Our hands-on, interactive workshops cover everything from how to change a spare tire, to how to build an engine.

Be empowered and save money by becoming a more educated vehicle owner!

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All of our classes are available as private group workshops, or one-on-one training as well!

“It’s About Time” - Advanced Timing Belt Class for Women

“It’s About Time” - Advanced Timing Belt Class for Women

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Underhood Basics

This hands-on class is an introduction to engine parts, accessories, fluids, belts, and other things that you may find under the hood of your car. We pop our hoods and inspect our own fluids, filters, and belts and assess our own maintenance needs.


BE YOUR OWN BEST roadside assistance plan

This class covers all of the most important things to know before taking a road trip. Whether it’s 2 miles, or 2,000 miles, we all should know how to change a spare tire, check our engine oil and tire pressure, and replace a headlight bulb!

how to buy and sell a car, and not get screwed!

Learn the art of picking out a good, reliable used vehicle for you and your family. In this class, we cover most important things to take into consideration when buying used, and we get hands-on with assessing our own vehicles as if they were for sale.

intermediate classes

the oil change class!

In this class, we will be performing an engine oil and filter change together on one (pre-selected!) vehicle as a group. We will also be discussing engine oil: how to check it, "synthetic vs conventional?", "Do I really need to change my oil every 3,000/5,000/10,000 miles?" and more!

Brake Systems Basics

In this class, we get hands-on with brake system components, and discuss how they work. How do you know when your brake pads need to be changed? Do you need to change your brake fluid? We then test the brake fluid and measure the brake pad thickness on our own cars.


Take that first leap towards achieving "ohm" with your vehicle's electrical system! This class teaches how to read wiring diagrams and how to use a multimeter by building our own circuits, and testing the batteries and alternators on our own vehicles!

advanced classes

It’s About time

What the heck is a timing belt? What does it do, why is it so important, and why does it cost almost $1,000 to replace on some vehicles? In this class, we discuss all of this, and the service and repair timing belts. Each student will perform a timing belt removal and installation on a Toyota 7M-GTE engine.

Engine Building Basics

By far the most popular class that we offer: this is a 3-day intensive class where students will completely tear down an engine, learn about the internal components and how an engine works from, and then reassemble the engine on their own.

Not in Texas? Don’t worry, we travel! Check out #WomanAndMachine, and stay tuned to see where we are heading next!