This class is an introduction to engine parts, accessories, fluids, belts, and other things that you may find under the hood of your car. This is a perfect introduction to those who want to feel more comfortable talking to a mechanic, as most of the things that we will be covering include the most common maintenance items (or, in other words, the filters and flushes that you are most likely going to be sold on a regular basis, whether from your dealership, or the quick lube down the street!).


In this class, we will cover

how to inspect and service the following under-hood items:

Underhood Basics page pic.jpeg

Engine Oil - checking level, different types of oil, how to choose the right oil.

Engine Coolant - checking level and condition, different types and colors and strengths, and how often your coolant should be flushed or serviced.

Brake fluid - testing and inspecting the fluid, the importance

Drive Belts

Air Filters

Students are encouraged to bring their own air filters (engine, cabin, or both!) if they wish to replace them during our on-car inspection portion of the class, as well as any fluids that they think may need topping off, such an engine oil, coolant, of windshield washer fluid. The goal of this class is for you to leave feeling empowered; knowing what you can easily service and maintain yourself on your own car!