How to be your own best


assistance plan

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For all of the free-spirited, world-traveling Gypsies out there who like to be prepared for anything, this class will cover all of the most important things to know before taking a road trip. Whether itโ€™s 2 miles, or 2,000 miles, be your own best roadside assistance plan! In this class, we are going to learn:

  • How to prepare for a trip (inspecting our vehicles, and what tools we should always keep on hand)
  • How to properly, safely, jump-start your vehicle
  • How to replace your windshield wiper blades (feel free to bring your own to class!)*
  • How to change a spare tire, and check tire pressure
  • How to change a headlight or running light bulb (have one burnt out? Bring a new one to class to replace!)*
  • What all of the different dash lights mean and what to do if a dash light comes on (Plug in a scan tool and check our own diagnostic codes, and how to get this done for free, and do some self-diagnosis.)

* If you need help ordering parts before class, feel free to contact me!

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