Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Hey Faye, how did you get into cars?

A: There is a video all about this up on YouTube, check it out HERE!


Q: Did you learn mechanics from your dad?

A: HA! No, Faye’s father did not teach her anything about mechanics, nor does he know anything about mechanics.


Q: What tech school did you attend?

A: Faye did not go to tech school. She did take a couple of automotive classes at Portland Community College, but only a couple. She was blessed to have had a fantastic mentorship opportunity where she learned the basics. Outside of that, Faye is entirely self taught.

Q: Hey, can I get my car on All Girls Garage?

A: I hope so! You can apply HERE. Good luck!


Q: Can I work for you?

A: No, sorry, we are not hiring at this time.


Q: Will you take me on as an intern?

A: No, sorry, we already have enough students and interns at this time! If you would like to learn from us, consider taking a class!


Q: Can I be a teacher at #WomanAndMachine?

A: YES! Please! Apply here!


Q: Will you please fix my car?

A: Yes! Request an appointment HERE, but please be sure that you meet the requirements by reading this.


Q: I am a dude, will you still fix my car?

A: Of course! About half of our customers are men. Request an appointment HERE, and please be sure that you meet the requirements by reading this.


Q: Why don’t you offer classes for men?

A: We do, silly! We serve both genders. While most of our community classes are for women, we offer all of our classes as private classes and absolutely do not discriminate based on gender. We do reserve the right to decline services to anyone at any time, but we can absolutely guarantee that is never based upon things that are outside of your control, such as race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.


Q: Will you please teach a private class for my small group or organization?

A: Absolutely! Request a private class HERE.

Q: I want to be a part of the next Pistons & PixieDust CarFest team, what can I do, or how do I apply?

A: STAY TUNED! Exciting things are happening for CarFest 2020. We will absolutely love to have your help.


Q: I want to join your #LASS Study Group, how I do that?

A: We would love to have you! We currently have one community meeting a month. New prospective members can get more information by contacting Kelly via email. See the LASS page for more info.


Q: I want to contact Faye to ask her a question about my car, how do I do that?

A: We are happy to schedule you an appointment with Faye. To request an appointment, please fill out the form HERE, but please be sure that you meet the requirements by reading this.

We do not give any advice over the phone, nor do we offer advice via email, Instagram, or YouTube.


We are constantly updating this page. Feel free to check back periodically to see if your Q gets its A here!