Introduction to Engine Building is an intensive crash-course on how to build an engine from a hobbyist perspective. In this class, we cover everything that one could do as an aspiring mechanic, and which parts of a build should be trusted to a local machine shop. The goal of this class is to encourage every student to become more comfortable with that big hunk of metal underneath their hoods; to take the next step as a DIY novice, and to get hands-on with their project cars and daily drivers.

Have you ever wondered what it means to "blow a head gasket" or "throw a rod"? Do you ever wonder how coolant flows through an engine? Or what the heck are bearings? Maybe you are curious about the difference between a camshaft and a crankshaft? Maybe you’ve wanted to perform a timing belt job? Learn all of this and more on a Toyota Supra inline 6 cylinder engine!

This is a three-part class where students will completely tear down a Toyota Supra 6-Cylinder engine, learn about the internal components and how the engine works, and then reassemble the engine on their own.

🔧Day 1: Friday 5pm-8:30 pm

Welcome! In this first class, we will be focusing on the basics and introducing each other to the group. Everyone will get a handout with pages from the actual Toyota Repair Manual that we will use to tear down and rebuild our engine. We set our goals for the class, share our previous engine-related experiences, and get ready for the weekend ahead! The main learning goals for day 1 are:

  • Shop safety and PPE, basic rules for class, dress code, etc.

  • Proper lifting and hoisting techniques for our engine (moving our engine from the back of our pickup bed and onto an engine stand using a hoist!)

  • Tools that we will be using in class (torque wrenches, piston ring compressors, oil seal pullers…!)

  • Organizational techniques! Rebuilding an engine can take several days, several weeks, or several months! We may not remember where each of the bolts in that box go, and that can cause some problems. Before we begin tearing down the engine, we will go over tips and tricks to organizing bolts, hardware, and remembering where hoses, clamps, and brackets go!

Class wraps up at 9pm, see you tomorrow!

megan teaches pisto ring.jpg

🔧Day 2: Saturday, 10am - 4pm

Show up ready to get to work, ladies! The goal for this class is to have the timing belt and oil pan off before lunch, and the head removed shortly thereafter so that we can learn about the main rotating assembly: the crankshaft, pistons, and rods. On our engine, and in different stations set up throughout the classroom, we will be removing the pistons from the block, and removing the old piston rings and installing new piston rings. We will also remove the oil pump, and learn how it works. We will also practice replacing seals.


🔧Day 3: Sunday, 10am - 4pm

 Graduation Day!

In this class, we will re-assemble our engine. Installing our new cylinder head gasket, torquing the head bolts in sequence, and following our factory service manual will be very important today! We will also learn about setting our engine to cylinder #1 TDC, and will be installing our timing belt. There will be so much to learn in this class, so bring your notebooks, and whip out those cell phone cameras!

Students will receive graduation certificates of completion at the end of class.


Q: May I bring my own tools?

A: Absolutely. PPE and tools will be provided, but if you feel more comfortable using your own tools or if you have new tools that you’d like to get to know better, then please bring them!

Q: I want to take this class, but can’t afford it! Are there payment plans available?

A: Yes! Contact us for specifics, but we will do our best to make it work for you!

Q: I have no experience, but I really want to learn. I see this class is an advanced class. Can I take the class with no prior experience?

A: Yes, of course! However, I find that the ladies who get the most out of this class have some prior engine knowledge. SO MUCH information is wrapped up into this class, and there is definitely the chance that you may get lost at times. Never fear, I am always here to answer questions for you and make sure that you feel comfortable. If you have hesitations about signing up due to inexperience, feel free to contact me and I can answer any questions you may have.

Q: How should I prepare for this class?

A: Dress to get dirty and bring a positive attitude. That’s literally it. We provide gloves, tools, and any other PPE you may need.

Q: I am a dude, can I please take this class?

A: Sorry, not this one. You are welcome to request a private group class for you and your friends, but this is a part of our Women’s Auto Shop series. Contact us for pricing and availability.