How to Buy and Sell a Car Without Getting Screwed!

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"How to Buy and Sell a Car Without Getting Screwed!" covers the essential things that you need to know when selecting a used car for you and your family.

Expert mechanic Faye Hadley uses her real-world experience from performing hundreds of pre- and post-purchase inspections to answer the most common questions that every person has when buying used, such as:

"What car should I buy?"

"How do I know that I am I making the right/most responsible choice?"

"How do I know that this engine will last more than a year?"

"How much money am I going to have to spend up front to make this vehicle safe?"

"How much maintenance will I have to catch up on?"

... and more, as well as the art of talking to a used car dealer, and how not to get taken advantage of. If you are considering selling your car, or buying used at some point, you absolutely do not want to miss this class!

The lesson will be inside of the classroom, (rain or shine!) featuring an in-depth review of the inspection sheet that Faye uses to look over a used vehicle. This class also includes a hands-on inspection of different important parts of the vehicle that we need to inspect, such as tires, brakes, and dipsticks for different fluids.

We recommend that you show up to class 10-15 minutes early - the sooner we start, the more time we have for Q&A at the end of class!