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Have you ever wondered what happens when you hit the brake pedal? How does that mechanical force transfer from a simple pedal movement, to actually stopping your car? Also:

  • How do you know when you need to replace your brakes?
  • Do you actually need to change your brake fluid?
  • Do you actually need to replace the rotors with a disc brake job?
  • What the heck is a caliper and what does it do?

Learn all this, and more, in "STOP IT!!: the Brake System Basics" Class!

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We will be performing an actual brake job together (on a pre-selected car) and learning all of the brake system components and how they work. We will also be learning about the hydraulic system, and we will be making out own brake bleeder bottles (that you can take home with you!) for bleeding our own brake fluid!* (For those of you who have recently paid for a brake flush service, you know that this is easily over $100 at most shops, so this class pays for itself instantly!)

Prepare to get dirty!!!! We will be spending a great deal of time on the ground, underneath our cars, and handling dusty, greasy, nasty components!

*ALSO! If you wish to make your own brake bleeder bottle, bring with you:

  •  a metal coat-hanger that you don't mind destroying
  • an empty, clean, clear plastic water bottle. Just your average 16.9fl oz one will do!